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Development of a Clinical Management System and Support Programme for Cairnhill Nursing Home

“Cairnhill Nursing Home worked with HCI to develop a comprehensive Clinical Management System addressing key areas of service provision. HCI’s support has been very beneficial to us, staff knowledge has grown and everyone is more familiar with the regulations and best practice. We found the onsite audits to be of… Read More

Gap Analysis for Skibbereen Residential Care Centre

“As the Registered Provider I felt it was important to undertake an analysis of our Quality and Safety Management System to ensure we had appropriate COVID-19 preparedness plans in place, were regulatory compliant and that we implemented the recommendations from the COVID-19 Nursing Homes Expert Panel Report. HCI really impressed… Read More

Unannounced Restrictive Practices Audit for Laurel Lodge Nursing Home

“The guidance around restrictive practices had recently been updated and we took this opportunity to do a review of the restrictive practices in place in Laurel Lodge Nursing Home. We asked HCI to conduct an unannounced restrictive practices audit as we wanted to get an independent baseline assessment of where… Read More

Parke House Nursing Home

“I think as a Provider, when looking at how to allocate limited resources at your disposal, you have to choose carefully what you spend your money on. The development of a QSMS, supported by HCI has been a very positive investment for us. Having been awarded JCI accreditation in February… Read More

Voluntary Closure of Dalkey Lodge Nursing Home

“Having worked with HCI since 2014, we knew HCI were the right providers to help us achieve our objectives. They worked with our staff to coordinate a structured process that ensured our residents were at the forefront. They placed a central focus on the quality and safety of care provided… Read More

Kilrush District Hospital

How HIQA Regulations Improved our Nursing Home Following a HIQA inspection Kilrush District Hospital was faced with the option of closing its community nursing home or undertaking a huge body of work that involved development and implementation of care plans, evidence based policies and procedures, defining governance structures, and structural changes to… Read More