Q-Pulse Quality Management Software

Quality Management Information System

A robust quality management Information system (QMIS) is critical in the healthcare industry to standardise processes, drive quality improvement and ensure patient safety. A comprehensive quality management information system such as Q-Pulse will assist with your organisation’s information management of numerous quality activities such as document control, internal audits, incidents, risks, complaints, staff training records and Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs).

While Q-Pulse can be utilised to assist with compliance to formal management systems, it has been designed to deliver much more than simple compliance – its focus is to highlight opportunities for improvement within the organisation, leading to greater effectiveness and enhanced patient care.

Our Promise to You

Continuous Improvement

Highlights opportunities for improvement within the organisation, leading to greater effectiveness and enhanced patient care.

Centralised Governance

Demonstrate organisational and clinical governance through effective process control/approval, audit of care processes and data analysis.

Improve Efficiencies

Standardisation of processes helps to reduce duplication of workloads, minimise errors, save time and improve efficiencies.

Identify Risks

Allows you to record, manage and monitor risks. This helps you to stay informed and act quickly as new risks emerge.

Local Ownership of QMIS

A demonstrable system of care and support, that allows for local ownership of quality and risk processes.

Culture of Quality and Safety

Embedding audit, risk and incident management into everyday practice encourages a shared learning patient safety culture, driving continuous quality improvement.

Q-Pulse includes modules such as:

  • Document Control
  • Corrective/Preventive Actions
  • Auditing
  • Incident and Complaints Management
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Equipment Management
  • People (including staff performance reviews and training plans)
  • Training (including training scheduling and attendance recording)
  • Analysis (including analysis of non-conformances, complaints and QIP’s)
  • Administrative (including security and customisation)

Our Q-Pulse Specialist

Janine Higgins

Director of Quality Information Systems (QIS)

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126

Email: info@hci.care

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