Health Information Systems Pathway Development

Process map your information flow

Implementing eHealth solutions in healthcare offers many benefits for your organisation such as time saving, improved processes, reduced administrative burden and more reliable care.

An important part of integrating a new software solution into your organisation’s workflow, is the initial process mapping phase. Taking the time to thoroughly review and manage the information workflow redesign can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a smooth transition and a successful implementation of a new software that maximises efficiencies and improves care and patient safety.

HCI works with healthcare organisations to review and re-engineer processes for the implementation of Quality Management Information Systems (QMIS) and other eHealth solutions. We have a unique understanding of the healthcare sector and the regulatory challenges that organisations face. We use this knowledge and understanding as we map out and analyse the processes and information flows pertinent to the implementation of the new software.

The outcome of this service is a set of effectively mapped out process flows that will support your software implementation. As we process map, we are cognisant of the potential risks or opportunities for improvement in the current processes and we will alert you to these. With our support you can have confidence that you are ready to implement a best practice software solution.


Our Promise to You

Process Improvement

We will work with you to map out the best way for you to carry out a procedure aligned to the new software. We will consider all the tasks involved, the people involved and the regulatory requirements.

Improve Efficiencies

By developing a suite of information process flows, you are standardising the process, reducing duplication of workloads and the potential for errors in practice which will improve your care.

Identify Risks

Undertaking an independent and objective review of your processes means that risk areas can be identified in association with the current process. These will be addressed in the new process flows.

Our Health Information Systems Pathway Development Specialist

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Quality Information Systems Specialist

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