Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services have a duty of care and a responsibility to provide consistently safe, high-quality services. They are encouraged to enable a person-centred approach by focusing on outcomes for the service users, and to deliver care that places a central focus on each service user.

This sector is heavily regulated, and services are required to demonstrate their regulatory compliance to HIQA and TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency. The purpose of the regulation is to provide accountability and assurances on the quality of the services, promote improvements in performance and ensure that those who use the services are safe, respected and listened to.


How HCI Can Help

HCI recognises the challenges in embedding regulatory compliant practices within your service. We work with child and family services to develop and implement Quality and Safety Management Systems in line with regulatory requirements for Child Protection, Foster Care, Residential Care, Special Care and Children’s Detention.

We can support you with the development of quality and safety policies and procedures, provide education and training to your staff and offer independent oversight of your services through our quality audits.

With our assistance, you can ensure that your services are delivered safely and that you have an overarching governance framework that meets regulatory compliance and drives continuous improvements.


Trusted Healthcare Partner

HCI has worked with over 600 health and social care organisations for almost two decades, supporting them to build comprehensive Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Best Practice

Our dedicated Best Practice Team ensures that all projects are completed in line with the latest regulations and guidance, helping you to stay informed of current best practice.

Governance Support

We provide management teams with robust, practical support that helps them develop and build their governance framework and support regulatory compliance.


Clients choose us because of our experience and reputation. They know they are in safe hands and that we will use regulatory compliant, evidence-based information to get the job done.

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