Fertility Clinics

The regulatory environment of fertility clinics is expanding as the government is expected to introduce new legislation to regulate fertility clinics and domestic altruistic surrogacy in Ireland.

With new legislation on the horizon, now is the time for fertility clinics to review their Quality and Safety Management Systems (QSMS) to ensure that they have the correct processes in place to assure their quality of care.


How HCI Can Help

HCI works with fertility clinics to develop and implement Quality Management Information Systems (QMIS) that offer clearly defined processes for key quality areas such as document control, risk management, internal audits, incident management, complaint management and staff training records management.

We also have significant experience in the development of QSMS that ensure compliance with regulatory and accreditation frameworks, including HIQA, JCI Accreditation and CHKS Accreditation. Our service involves conducting a Gap Analysis to get a baseline assessment, development of governance structures, process development, internal audit mechanisms and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), quality improvement planning and staff training.

With our support you can prepare for regulation and ensure that you have the necessary processes in place to achieve regulatory compliance.


Trusted Partner in Healthcare

HCI has worked with health and social care organisations for almost two decades, supporting them to build comprehensive Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Unique Offering

We are the only provider in Ireland who offers a comprehensive quality and safety service, incorporating regulatory, best practice and quality information systems knowledge.

Project Management

Our clients have a dedicated specialist who utilise a project management methodology that’s proven to work to deliver projects in line with your objectives.

Identify Risks

We have extensive knowledge of the risks associated with care, and those that impact on regulatory compliance. We use this knowledge to alert you to risks and support you to make better decisions.

To learn more about how we can help, get in touch today.