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With the accelerated drive for digital transformation in healthcare, now is the time to embrace change and examine your processes for opportunities to become more efficient. At HCI we help you develop a Quality Management Information System (QMIS) to streamline and transform your quality and safety data management. You will have our support through set-up, maintenance and security compliance, allowing you to effectively manage information on an ongoing basis. We also help you map out and re-engineer processes to support the introduction of new technologies.

Our digital health transformation experts combine experience and knowledge in regulatory and quality information systems – we use this to help you develop customised solutions that give you more time to support your patients without having to worry about the administrative burden of regulatory compliance.

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Compliance by Design

We combine regulatory, quality and safety knowledge with quality information systems and digital transformation knowledge to design QMIS solutions that best suit your needs.

Project Management

We are here to support and guide you through the entire process of developing, implementing and embedding a Quality Management Information System in your healthcare organisation.

Real Time Data

Our QMIS solutions give you simplified access to real time governance data around audits, risks, incidents, documents and training. This data allows you to make informed, timely decisions.

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we’ve established a strong track record of collaborating with healthcare organisations. We encourage you to peruse the testimonials, these accounts shed light on the strategic solutions we’ve co-developed, the complex challenges we’ve jointly addressed, and the tangible value we’ve delivered.

“Blackrock Health Hermitage Clinic requested HCI to conduct a Mock Survey against the JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 7th Edition. HCI were our providers of choice for this review as they have supported us through previous JCI accreditation cycles and are clear experts at interpreting the JCI Accreditation Standards. HCI conducted a comprehensive review and provided us with a detailed report which we used to identify areas of focus and develop action plans. HCI’s support gave us reassurance as we prepared for the JCI survey and we are delighted to have successful achieved JCI Accreditation.”

“HCI were our providers of choice to support Galway Plastic Surgery in achieving CHKS Accreditation due to their extensive experience and reputation in supporting health and social care organisations in meeting accreditations standards. HCI provided us with a detailed roadmap to implement a best practice Quality and Safety Management System to fulfil the CHKS standards and supported us in the lead up to our accreditation survey, ensuring that we were fully prepared. We are delighted to have achieved CHKS Accreditation.”

“Children’s Health Ireland worked with HCI to redevelop the Quality Management Information System (QMIS) for the hospital and laboratories. We were keen to implement a QMIS in the new Children’s Hospital that would be more user friendly and in line with best practice.  HCI listened to our requirements and implemented a customised QMIS. HCI are now providing us with Administration and Support for the QMIS, helping us to prepare the system in time for the opening of the new hospital. We look forward to continuing to work with HCI to ensure we are maximising the functionality of our QMIS and maintaining it in line with best practice.”

“HCI provided us with an independent Quality of Care Audit Programme to assess our compliance against the National Standards for Foster Care (2003). The HCI Quality and Safety Specialists really understood the Standards and their application. They provide us with a comprehensive report after each audit, which clearly identified the areas for improvement. The onsite audits were also a great learning opportunity for our staff as they gained valuable quality and safety knowledge during interactions with the HCI specialists. Overall, this was a fantastic audit programme and we would highly recommend HCI to other health and social care services for independent quality of care assurance.”

“Bloomfield Health Services commissioned HCI to support us in coordinating the voluntary closure of New Lodge Nursing Home. HCI provided us with an exceptionally well organised and professional service. They supported us in ensuring the quality and safety of the care provided to the residents during the period of closure and helped us to relocate residents to their new residence whilst minimising relocation stress. I would like to thank the entire HCI Team for assisting us to complete this important project with dignity, respect and empathy for the residents and their families”.

“QualSIPTM is a very valuable resource for Vhi Hospital@Home. It collates all our Quality and Safety data from across the service areas and allows us to view that data in dynamic graphs and dashboards. The ability to drill down into the individual data components makes it easy for us to investigate and interpret the data so we can make informed, timely decisions.”

“At the Rotunda Hospital, we use QualSIPTM to maintain centralised oversight of the documents held within the Quality Management Information System. QualSIPTM is easy to use and allows us to quicky identify key intelligence in relation to our documents such as acknowledgement workloads and the number of documents to be reviewed. It offers us meaningful data that supports us in improving the management of our documents. I am very impressed with QualSIPTM and would highly recommend it to other healthcare organisations.”

“HCI provided CHO DNCC with an excellent Quality and Safety Education Programme. The modules were practical, evidence based and provided participants with practical tools and techniques that will support their application of policy and procedure development, tracer audits, technical report writing and quality improvement planning. The trainer was very knowledgeable on the topics, gave lots of practical examples and interacted very well with participants. Dividing the modules into two sessions, gave participants the opportunity to apply the learnings and engage with the trainer in the follow up session to discuss any queries. This is a very valuable education programme for CHOs.”

“HCI provided us with a comprehensive educational programme based on the National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare and Governance. The training was very informative. It raised participants’ awareness on what their roles and responsibilities are within the service, gave them insight into the new Draft Regulations for Providers of Home Support Services and offered clear guidance on what actions are required to prepare our services for statutory licensing. The course included workshops which gave participants the opportunity to apply the learnings and engage with the trainer. The programme was very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend it to others.”

“HCI have been hugely supportive in helping the Ireland South Women & Infants Directorate to implement a Quality Management Information System. The PPPG Library has brought all our policies and procedures together, giving staff across the maternity network better access to them in one central repository. TrainScanTM has really helped reduce administrative burden in managing training records. It provides great transparency around training, offers easy access to training compliance reports and helps us to develop a training strategy that gives staff across the four maternity hospitals better access to standardised training. This QMIS will support ISWID in achieving our goal of improving outcomes for our patients.”

“I was very impressed with the support HCI offered Gateway Residential Care in the development of a Quality and Safety Management System. HCI showed great knowledge of our regulatory environment and a real commitment to improving the quality and safety of our services. We are very happy with HCI’s support and are confident that we have a best practice QSMS that will help us deliver a high-quality service to our young people.”

“Western Care Association commissioned HCI to carry out a Quality and Safety Governance review. HCI guided us through the implementation of the report recommendations and subsequently supported us in the development of a Quality and Safety Strategy and Governance Structures. We are really impressed with the quality of HCI’s work. Their expert guidance will help us embed a culture of safety and support us in meeting our quality and safety objectives.”

“HCI conducted an independent review of Clontarf Hospital’s Medication Management System in line with the JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals. HCI are experts at interpreting the JCI standards and we are very impressed with the quality of the report we received.”

“Galway Hospice Foundation worked with HCI to carry out a Staff Survey on Patient Safety Culture. The survey process is very straight forward and the results provided us with valuable insight into where we could make tangible improvements to improving our patient safety culture. HCI really impressed us, and I would definitely recommend this survey to other healthcare organisations looking to review their culture of patient safety.”

“In line with our commitment to providing a high quality care, we felt the need to review all policies and procedures in place at GUH and MPUH to ensure they are accurate and in line with best practice. Given HCI’s extensive Quality and Safety expertise, we asked them to undertake a project whereby they worked with us to review, amalgamate and update our policies and procedures. They also introduced an active register so that we can manage the policies and procedures effectively. This was a big undertaking by HCI and the staff at GUH and MPUH, but we are now satisfied that the hospital has best practice policies and procedures in place throughout the hospital.”

“I was impressed with the ability of HCI’s Specialists to so quickly come to grasp with a highly complex care environment. Their expertise helped us to efficiently and effectively map out the current workflows and highlight the opportunities to develop our service through the future implementation of a best in class Cardiovascular Information System in the Mater Private Hospital.”

“The Rotunda collaborated with HCI to develop TrainScan, an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows us to streamline and improve how we manage our training records. With limited resources, it was important for us to have a system that minimised the administrative duties of managing training activities but also gave managers real time data on what training has being delivered, and to whom. We are very happy with what we have achieved with TrainScan and staff have really embraced the system. We look forward to continuing our work with HCI into the future”.

“Tipperary University Hospital worked with HCI to implement the HCI PPG LibraryTM. We are delighted to have a system that allows staff immediate access to all policies and procedures. HCI’s PPG LibraryTM is an excellent resource and I would highly recommend it any healthcare organisation looking to provide staff with a user-friendly system to access policies and procedures.”

“HCI were engaged to assist SA Pathology to implement a bespoke electronic Quality Management System (Q-Pulse). HCI provided professional and cost effective solution to our needs. I would highly recommend HCI for any Quality Management services”.

“We have worked with HCI to reconfigure our key quality processes and pathways so that it aligns with our Group governance structure. HCI have brought huge industry knowledge to the Group and have provided us with many practical robust solutions to support the cycle of quality improvement. HCI have supported the executive management team in advancing UL Hospital Groups’ promotion of a culture that is open and fair, and one that encourages people to speak up about adverse events.”

“We wanted to implement a Quality Management Information System in Aut Even Hospital that would streamline our quality processes and improve overall governance. We chose to work with HCI due to their impressive expertise and reputation with developing and implementing Q-Pulse – Quality Management Information System. We are delighted that we partnered with HCI on this. HCI really drove the project, guiding us from the initial project planning stage right through to the go live of the system. With their assistance, we were able to identify areas for improvement and enhance our quality processes. As a result, we are now providing a better quality service to our patients”.

“HCI were extremely professional in all of our interactions with them. The implementation process of Q-Pulse was very smooth and HCI staff were always helpful and responded promptly to any queries we had along the way. I would highly recommend HCI to anyone considering implementing a Quality Management Information System.”

“HCI really impressed us with their implementation of a Quality Management Information System at St Luke’s General Hospital Laboratory. HCI understood our requirements and were keen to identify how Q-Pulse would work best for us. With HCI’s expert guidance, we are delighted to have implemented a best practice system that promotes continuous improvement and will assist us in meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements.”

“HCI provided us with a one-day audit training course utilising the tracer methodology. The trainer was very knowledgeable and engaging. The course was very thorough and included workshops which gave staff the opportunity to apply the learnings and engage with the trainer. Overall, the training provided staff with the practical tools and techniques they need to effectively manage the internal auditing process for Irish Wheelchair Association. The course was very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend it to others”.

“HCI provided Mowlam Healthcare with a set of key policies and procedures in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We were keen to ensure our compliance with the new regulation and so we decided to utilise HCI’s resources in order to save time and ensure that we implemented regulatory compliant policies and procedures across all our nursing homes.  We would highly recommend HCI for their comprehensive, regulatory compliant and evidence based policies and procedures.”

“We have been utilising HCI’s template Policies and Procedures and audit tools for a number of years now and we find them very helpful. They are practical but also comprehensive enough that staff have a detailed understanding of what is required of them. Having access to the updates from HCI’s Best Practice team has been crucial for us. Their support gives us assurance that we are kept up to date with new guidance and are regulatory compliant with our policies and procedures.”

“HCI impressed us with their ability to expertly map out our processes for medication management. With their in-depth regulatory knowledge and expertise, we were able to develop a comprehensive medication management policy and procedure which is in line with regulatory requirements and best practice techniques.”

“HCI developed a comprehensive suite of documentation for the Vhi Midwife Support Service, in line with JCI Home Care Standards. I am very happy with the outcome of the project and the quality of the documentation HCI provided us with”.

“HCI have been a crucial support to Positive Care and all our staff. HCI initially helped us identify gaps within our Quality and Safety Management System and worked with us to develop a suite of evidence based, best practice policies and procedures which we implemented across our Positive Care Network. HCI have a great understanding of the regulations and standards and we continue to learn from our HCI specialist through the quarterly audits. We encourage the sharing of the QIPs through the Positive Care Network so that all users can benefit. We look forward to continuing our work with HCI.”

“Cairnhill Nursing Home worked with HCI to develop a comprehensive Clinical Management System addressing key areas of service provision. HCI’s support has been very beneficial to us, staff knowledge has grown and everyone is more familiar with the regulations and best practice. We found the onsite audits to be of enormous benefit, they allowed us to identify areas for improvement and educated staff on how to conduct a detailed audit. HCI’s extensive knowledge and commitment to continuous improvement is very impressive. I would highly recommend HCI for regulatory, quality and safety support.”

“Achieving JCI Accreditation is a collective effort and a testament to the commitment of all the staff in SVPH and our Quality and Safety Specialists, HCI, who provided us with expert knowledge and support throughout the accreditation process”

“I think as a Provider, when looking at how to allocate limited resources at your disposal, you have to choose carefully what you spend your money on. The development of a QSMS, supported by HCI has been a very positive investment for us. Having been awarded JCI accreditation in February of 2016 we will work endlessly to maintain the level of quality and care that we have achieved. With the continuous JCI surveys and support and knowledge provided by HCI we hope to continuously improve the Nursing Home and make it the best possible home for our residents.”

“HCI provided us with essential guidance and support in preparation for our JCI Accreditation Survey. HCI helped us to interpret the standards and develop a detailed work plan to assist us in developing and implementing new practices within Medical Optics. The mock survey conducted by HCI was a great tool to identify and address any gaps in our Quality and Safety Management System. We are now delighted to have achieved JCI Accreditation and we will continue to work with HCI as our Quality and Patient Safety partners to build on the work we have done so far.”

“RVEEH have been long term partners with HCI. Their expertise in interpreting and implementing the JCI standards is outstanding and HCI’s guidance has been an instrumental support from the very beginning of our JCI Accreditation Journey. As our accreditation cycle came up in 2020, we had every confidence that HCI would ensure we were best prepared for our JCI Survey. HCI provided us with a detailed quality improvement plan that addressed all the areas we needed to focus on. HCI guided and supported both the Management Team and staff throughout the process. With HCI’s ongoing support, extensive knowledge and guidance, we are delighted to have achieved JCI Accreditation.”

“To prepare for our JCI Accreditation Survey, we asked HCI for support in undertaking a thorough and independent GAP Analysis of our Quality and Safety Management System to identify any gaps in our compliance with the revised JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals. Subsequently we requested HCI provide us with specific JCI support on a monthly basis to ensure we were prepared for our JCI survey.  HCI were our providers of choice for this project due to their reputation and extensive knowledge of the JCI Standards. We are delighted to have received JCI Accreditation for the 4th time.”

“The guidance around restrictive practices had recently been updated and we took this opportunity to do a review of the restrictive practices in place in Laurel Lodge Nursing Home. We asked HCI to conduct an unannounced restrictive practices audit as we wanted to get an independent baseline assessment of where we stood in terms of complying with the revised guidance. We were impressed with HCI’s knowledge and understanding of the regulations and guidance on restrictive practices. Their support helped us to ensures continuous improvement in our care and gave us assurance that we are prepared for a HIQA inspection.”

“As the Registered Provider I felt it was important to undertake an analysis of our Quality and Safety Management System to ensure we had appropriate COVID-19 preparedness plans in place, were regulatory compliant and that we implemented the recommendations from the COVID-19 Nursing Homes Expert Panel Report. HCI really impressed us with their thorough assessment. They are extremely knowledgeable on the regulatory requirements and provided us with a detailed roadmap to address the areas for improvement. HCI’s guidance has given my staff and I reassurance that we have best practice procedures in place to support us in prioritising resident safety and the delivery of high quality care.”

“HCI were our providers of choice for a focused review at the Hermitage Medical Clinic’s Pre-operative Assessment Clinic due to their extensive regulatory knowledge and commitment to quality improvement. HCI really impressed us with their understanding of the HSE Model of Care for Pre-Admission Units (2014). They conducted a thorough review and presented us with detailed findings which we will utlise as a roadmap to implement best practice in our Pre-operative Assessment clinic.”

“HCI supported St Michael’s Hospital with a Gap Analysis of our Quality and Safety Management System in line with the JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospitals. HCI were our providers of choice for this review due to their reputation and extensive knowledge of the JCI Standards. HCI provided us a comprehensive report which will support us in implementing a QSMS in line with international best practice”.

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