Disability Services

The disability services sector is closely regulated by HIQA. Over the last number of years, there has been increased pressure to comply with regulations such as the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities, amongst other best practice requirements. These standards set out what safe, high quality, effective residential services for people with disabilities should be.

With limited resources and time, it can be a challenge for services to ensure that the right systems are in place to effectively meet regulatory compliance. At HCI, we understand the challenges you face. We work with disability services to put in place mechanisms and frameworks that will improve the care provided and achieve regulatory compliance.


How HCI Can Help

HCI provides Quality and Safety Management System development, implementation and support to disability services.

We can support you with the development of quality and safety policies and procedures, provide education and training to your staff, and offer independent oversight of your services through our Quality of Care Audits and Serious Incident Reviews.

With our assistance, you can ensure that your services are delivered safely and that you have an overarching governance framework that meets regulatory compliance and drives continuous quality improvement in your service.



HCI has worked with over 600 health and social care organisations for almost two decades, supporting them to build comprehensive Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Governance Support

We provide management teams with robust, practical support that helps them develop and build their governance framework and supports their regulatory compliance.

Best Practice

Our dedicated Best Practice Team ensures that all projects are completed in line with the latest regulations and guidance, helping you to stay informed of current best practice.

Knowledge Transfer

Whether it is a gap analysis, quality of care audit or governance support, extensive regulatory, quality and safety knowledge will be transferred to your staff during our projects.

To learn more about how we can help, get in touch today.