Infection Prevention and Control Audit for Brabazon House Nursing Home

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“Brabazon Trust requested HCI to conduct an independent Infection Prevention and Control Audit at Brabazon House Nursing Home. We required a comprehensive assessment of our IPC system so that we could drive quality improvement and ensure resident safety. HCI were very professional and displayed excellent knowledge of regulatory requirements for IPC. HCI provided us with a detailed report of their findings, which we will use as a roadmap to implement a best practice, Infection Prevention and Control System.”

David Webb

Secretary and Registered Providers Representative, Brabazon Trust


Brabazon House Nursing Home is a 51-bed nursing home based in Dublin, providing residential and convalescent care services to residents with a range of low to maximum dependency needs. As Brabazon House wanted to ensure their Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) system operated in line with regulations, standards, and best practice, Brabazon House requested HCI to undertake an independent infection prevention and control audit at the nursing home. Brabazon House wanted to assess their compliance with Regulation 27: Infection Control and the relevant National Standards for Infection Prevention and Control in Community Services.


  • Determine Brabazon House’s compliance with the regulations, standards and guidance relating to infection prevention and control.
  • Identify areas of good practice and a line listing of areas for improvement in relation to infection prevention and control.
  • Provide a report outlining the findings from the audit.


In order to ensure a comprehensive infection prevention and control audit was completed, HCI provided the following service:

Work plan development.

Preparation of audit materials.

One-day onsite audit incorporating staff interviews, document review and process observation.

Analysis of findings.

Feedback provided to client on findings.

Development of audit report.

Audit report circulated to the client.


HCI provided Brabazon House Nursing Home with a detailed report on the findings of the audit which identified the areas for improvement against the Regulation 27: Infection Control and the National Standards for Infection Control in Community Services.

Brabazon House will use this report to implement the necessary Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) to address any gaps identified in the audit and ensure there is a best practice system in place for Infection Prevention and Control.


  • A comprehensive and independent review of the infection prevention and control system and processes.
  • A detailed report on the findings of the audit including opportunities for improvement.
  • Risk areas are identified in relation to infection prevention and control, allowing the necessary QIPs to be implemented to reduce potential issues in relation to IPC.
  • HCI has extensive knowledge of the regulations and standards in relation to infection prevention and control. This is transferred to staff during the audit.
  • Improve resident safety.
  • Reassurance to Registered Provider and the PIC that the correct infection prevention and control processes are in place.
  • Be prepared for a HIQA inspection.
  • Enhance residents’ quality of care.


Patricia Fernandes

Director of Quality and Safety

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