Quality Management Information System Redevelopment and Support for Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

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“MRH Tullamore decided to redevelop the Quality Management Information System (QMIS) to improve its usage and introduce enhanced features. We chose to work with HCI due to their extensive experience in implementing QMIS in healthcare settings. HCI listened to our requirements and developed a user-friendly, customised QMIS to meet our needs. HCI are now providing us with Administration and Support for the QMIS. The QMIS Support Desk is an excellent resource which is very responsive and helpful for staff. HCI’s support gives us reassurance that we are maximising our use of the QMIS, and staff have consistent access to advice and functional support on the QMIS.  We look forward to continuing to work with HCI to ensure our QMIS is maintained in line with best practice.”

Clare Conway

QPS Manager, Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore


Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore (MRHT), part of the Dublin Midland’s Healthcare Group, provides acute-care hospital services including a 24-hour emergency department and is the regional centre for Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology, Oncology, Haematology, Nephrology and Rheumatology.

Having had Q-Pulse, Quality Management Information System (QMIS), in the hospital and the laboratory for several years, MRHT recognised a need to redevelop the QMIS to make it more user-friendly and ensure it operates in line with best practice. To do this, MRHT requested HCI’s support with the redevelopment of the QMIS utilising Q-Pulse software and HCI KnowledgeTM. MRHT also requested HCI to provide ongoing administration and support of the QMIS, to ensure the hospital is continuously maximising the use of the system.


  • Develop and agree the most beneficial quality management information process flows with MRHT.
  • Update / upload all data relating to the users of the QMIS.
  • Implement a more user friendly QMIS.
  • Provide a Governance tool for Senior Management to access real time data analytics from the QMIS.
  • Communicate, educate and roll-out the system to all relevant departments within the organisation.
  • Provide a QMIS administration service to keep the system up-to-date and in line with best practice.
  • Provide a QMIS Support Help Desk for staff to help maximise usage of the QMIS and embed the system within MRHT.


To ensure MRHT implemented and maintained a best practice QMIS, HCI provided the following solution:

Development of Project Plan.

Q-Pulse upgrade and data migration.

Process mapping to identify and agree processes.

QMIS System Configuration.

HCI KnowledgeTM Development.

QMIS setup.

Communication, Training and System Roll-Out.

QMIS Administration.

QMIS Support Helpdesk.

HCI KnowledgeTM Systems

  • PPG LibraryTM– Simplified access to Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.
  • QualSIPTM– Real Time Quality and Safety Data Intelligence Portal.


  • The QMIS was utilised by the lab and the hospital in different ways.
  • Collating all the documentation, policies, and procedures from the various sources across the hospital, some were on Q-Pulse and many stored locally in departments.
  • Delay in a provision of a new server for the upgraded system due to changes in HSE ICT process.


MRHT successfully redeveloped their QMIS, utilising Q-Pulse and HCI KnowledgeTM.  Q-Pulse has been upgraded to the latest version and placed on a new server. Access to Q-Pulse is now available via the HCI KnowledgeTM icon on staff desktops.

The QMIS is now much more user friendly. Staff no longer need to log into the QMIS to search for, or view policies and procedures, access is easily available via the PPG LibraryTM. Staff can also acknowledge documents and reset their password. Senior Management have access to real time data analytics within QualSIPTM. Data is displayed in dynamic graphs and dashboards and provides centralised oversight of documents.

HCI continue to work with MRHT to provide ongoing administration of the QMIS and a support helpdesk for all staff. This support helps to reduce the pressure on internal resources and the quality department as they have reassurance that the QMIS is administered and maintained in line with best practice and staff have consistent access to knowledgeable support.


  • HCI have extensive knowledge and experience on best practices for customising and implementing a QMIS.
  • The QMIS is customised to MRHT’s needs.
  • The QMIS is a centralised system for the effective management of documents through the document lifecycle, which aids in policy and procedure control.
  • PPG LibraryTM is a simplified web-interface which gives staff easy access to policies and procedures as no login is required.
  • The QMIS redevelopment has allowed MRHT to utilise the document acknowledgement functionality for all staff. Acknowledgement can be done through the PPG LibraryTM.
  • QualSIPTM provides real time data for documents, supporting the overall governance of the hospital’s Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.
  • The QMIS Administration and Support ensures the QMIS is maintained to best practice and functioning effectively and in line with the agreed processes. This reduces the pressure on internal resources.
  • The QMIS Support Desk provides functional support to staff using the system, helping to embed the QMIS within the organisation.
  • Monthly QMIS Staff Training Programme is provided along with simple training videos on general use of the QMIS.
  • The QMIS Support Desk is very accessible to staff, support stickers are on every desktop and contact details are readily available in HCI KnowledgeTM.
  • Having the ability to reset one’s own password reduces the barriers to accessing and utilising the QMIS.
  • Quality and Safety Support and advice is provided at the Quarterly Quality and Safety Review meetings.


Máire Brookfield

Director of Project Management

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126

Email: info@hci.care

Janine Higgins

Director of Quality Information Systems (QIS)

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126

Email: info@hci.care

Kuntal Samadder

Quality Information Systems Specialist

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126

Email: info@hci.care

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