Development of a HCI PPG Library for Tipperary University Hospital

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“Tipperary University Hospital worked with HCI to implement the HCI PPG LibraryTM. We are delighted to have a system that allows staff immediate access to all policies and procedures. HCI’s PPG LibraryTM is an excellent resource and I would highly recommend it any healthcare organisation looking to provide staff with a user-friendly system to access policies and procedures.”

Maria Barry

General Manager, Tipperary University Hospital


Tipperary University Hospital (TUH) is part of South / South West Hospital Group and provides acute general and maternity services.  In order to reduce the barriers to accessing policies and procedures, TUH requested HCI develop a simplified Policy and Procedure portal (HCI PPG LibraryTM) to allow staff immediate ease of access to documents in Q-Pulse.


  • Provide staff with simplified access to Policies and Procedures stored on Q-Pulse, Quality Management Information System (QMIS).
  • Develop and agree the customisation requirements of the HCI PPG LibraryTM for STHG.
  • Deploy the HCI PPG LibraryTM desktop icon to all staff PCs.
  • Communicate and educate staff on utilising the HCI PPG LibraryTM.


To ensure TUH implemented a user-friendly HCI PPG LibraryTM, HCI provided the following solution:

Development of project plan.

Draft customisation of the HCI PPG LibraryTM

Proposed customisation is reviewed by client and feedback is provided to HCI.

HCI PPG LibraryTM is customised and a shortcut icon is deployed to staff PCs.

HCI provided short educational videos with instructions on how to use the HCI PPG LibraryTM.

Benefits of the HCI PPG LibraryTM

  • Simplified and quick access to policies and procedures, no need to login into system.
  • The HCI PPG LibraryTM is fully customisable to the client’s requirements and classification of documents.
  • Improves staff interaction and utilisation of the QMIS.
  • The mobile version of the HCI PPG LibraryTM allows on the go instant access to policies and procedures.


HCI successfully customised and deployed the HCI PPG LibraryTM for TUH. The HCI PPG LibraryTM is a web-interface which is available to all staff, via a shortcut icon on the desktop.

This quick access web page allows users to search for and view documents from Q-Pulse without having to log into the system. Staff can search for all documents or can use the document groups to easily access relevant categories of documents.


Staff Feedback

  • 76% of staff surveyed said that the HCI PPG LibraryTM helps them in their role.
  • 76% of staff surveyed said they believed the HCI PPG LibraryTM could enhance their working practices in the hospital.
  • 76% of staff surveyed said the HCI PPG LibraryTM is easy to navigate.
  • 64% of staff surveyed said they were satisfied overall with the usefulness of the HCI PPG LibraryTM.


Janine Higgins

Director of Quality Information Systems (QIS)

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126


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