Development of Key Service Documents for Vhi Midwife Support Service in line with JCI Standards

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“HCI developed a comprehensive suite of documentation for the Vhi Midwife Support Service, in line with JCI Home Care Standards. I am very happy with the outcome of the project and the quality of the documentation HCI provided us with”.

Rebecca Keegan

Senior Nurse Manager, Vhi Hospital@Home & Vhi Midwife Support Service


Vhi Midwife Support Service (Vhi MSS), provides antenatal and post-natal education and support to Vhi members. As Vhi MSS recently moved from home support to remote educational support, they felt it was important to review the structures and processes required for their Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS) to ensure they are reflective of the new service and in line with the Joint Commission International (JCI) Home Care Standards. As HCI are long-term partners with Vhi, Vhi MSS requested HCI’s support in development of the new service documentation.


  • Identify the priority documents for development.
  • Carry out process mapping to determine the roles, responsibilities and interaction of tasks between individuals.
  • Develop the required structures, processes and outcome measurement documents, in line with JCI Home Care Standards (2012).
  • Involve all relevant stakeholders in the process.


To support Vhi Midwife Support Service, HCI provided the following service:

Development of project plan, project risk register and terms of reference.

Agree list of priority documents for development.

Process mapping with relevant stakeholders.

Development of documents.

Review, feedback and sign off on documents.

Final set of documents are sent to VHI MSS.

Documents are uploaded to Q-Pulse for approval.


  • Review the new service to identify all potential risks.
  • Process map the new service with regard to the identified possible risks.


Following extensive process mapping with key stakeholders, HCI developed a suite of documentation for Vhi Midwife Support Service which are in line with JCI Home Care Standards (2012). The documents incorporate Roles and Responsibilities, Team Terms of References and Agendas, Organisational Chart, Services Risks, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Processes. These documents will support Vhi MSS in performing their educational support duties to the service users.


  • Comprehensive and independent review of processes.
  • Documents incorporate the requirements of JCI and best practice guidance.
  • Involving stakeholders in the process mapping ensures that documents are developed in line with the stakeholders’ requirements and vision.
  • The structures, processes and outcome measurement are now clearly defined.
  • Processes are more efficient, giving staff more time to perform their educational support to service users.
  • Expert JCI and Quality and Safety knowledge is being transferred from HCI’s Quality and Safety Specialists to Vhi Midwife Support Service.
  • The identification and processes mapping of risks helped to create more comprehensive documentation.
  • HCI has a long-term partnership with Vhi and understands their processes.


Patricia Fernandes

Director of Quality and Safety

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