How Vhi utilise QualSIP to Manage Oversight of their Quality Management Information System 

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“QualSIPTM is a very valuable resource for Vhi Hospital@Home. It collates all our Quality and Safety data from across the service areas and allows us to view that data in dynamic graphs and dashboards. The ability to drill down into the individual data components makes it easy for us to investigate and interpret the data so we can make informed, timely decisions.”

Aoife Bland

Senior Nurse Manager, Vhi Hospital@Home


Vhi Hospital@Home, a subsidiary of the Vhi Group, is an innovative clinical service available to all Vhi Healthcare members. They are a team of specialist nurses and doctors who deliver care to people 365 days a year.

Following the implementation of Q-Pulse, Quality Management Information System (QMIS), Vhi Hospital@Home as part of the Vhi Group, recognised the need to implement a user-friendly data intelligence portal to provide centralised access and oversight of the key quality and safety data held within the QMIS.

Consequently, they requested HCI implement QualSIPTM – a Quality and Safety Intelligence Portal which allows for real time data to be gathered, extracted and analysed.


  • Develop an online portal which provides centralised real time quality and safety data analysis for Documents, Audits, Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs), Incidents, Complaints, Learning from Excellence and Risks.
  • Develop a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to display in the QualSIPTM dashboards that will support Vhi in making informed decisions, manage risks and improve care.
  • Communicate, educate, and roll out QualSIPTM to the relevant individuals and departments.


In order to meet Vhi’s objectives, HCI developed QualSIPTM. The key stages of the development and implementation process were:

Development of project plan.

Determine KPI Framework.

Prepare mock up of QualSIPTM and implementation report.


Client provides feedback on QualSIPTM mock-up.

QualSIPTM is configured.

QualSIPTM goes live on the clients HCI KnowledgeTM Portal.

Training is provided on the use and functionality of QualSIPTM.

Features of QualSIPTM

  • Web-based interface, easily accessible via an icon in the HCI KnowledgeTM
  • QualSIPTM is permission based, so access can be limited to Senior Managers and Quality Department.
  • Graphs are dynamic which means you can drill into the individual components for further details.
  • Data is real time.
  • The KPIs and dashboards are customised to the types of data you want to extract.
  • Data can be exported and printed as required.


Vhi Hospital@Home successfully implemented QualSIPTM. Real time data is displayed in dynamic graphs and dashboards and provides Vhi with centralised oversight of their QMIS. QualSIPTM allows Senior Managers and the Quality Team to filter the data by service areas to identify potential areas for improvement. Data in the charts can be clicked on to drill down for further details and actioned upon.

Examples of data available in QualSIPTM:

  • Number of documents due for review in the next 30 days / 30 – 90 days / over 90 days and number of overdue documents.
  • Number of documents acknowledged.
  • Number of documents with outstanding acknowledgements.
  • Trending incidents by type, risk rating, location and status.
  • Trending complaints by type, risk rating, location and status.
  • Trending risk by type, risk rating, location and status.
  • Audits completed, scheduled or not performed.
  • QIPs raised, closed or open.
  • Learning from Excellence raised, closed or open.


  • Access to real time data showing annual, quarterly and monthly trends or a specific time period.
  • Having data presented in a trending format allows for high-risk areas to be identified, enabling better decision making.
  • QualSIPTM has the ability to drill down and view the individual data components of documents without having to log into Q-Pulse.
  • Provides oversight of your Quality and Safety Management System.
  • Reduces the time staff spend collating monthly reports.
  • HCI are responsive and are willing to collaborate with the client to make meaningful improvements to the system.


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Quality Information Systems Specialist

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