Patient Safety Culture Survey for Galway Hospice Foundation

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“Galway Hospice Foundation worked with HCI to carry out a Staff Survey on Patient Safety Culture. The survey process is very straight forward and the results provided us with valuable insight into where we could make tangible improvements to improving our patient safety culture. HCI really impressed us, and I would definitely recommend this survey to other healthcare organisations looking to review their culture of patient safety.”

Niamh McKeon

Director of Quality, Galway Hospice Foundation.


Galway Hospice Foundation (GHF) encompasses Galway Hospice and Mayo Hospice. The Hospice partners with the HSE to provide care to patients in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon with advanced diseases needing palliative care to attain the best quality of life possible.

GHF in conjunction with HCI, decided to undertake a staff survey of their patient safety culture in order to assess where their organisation stood in terms of embedding a culture of patient safety.


  • Utilise a best practice and evidence-based survey.
  • Provide a base line assessment of GHF’s patient safety culture.
  • Raise staff awareness of patient safety.
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement in GHF.
  • Examine cultural impact of patient safety initiatives and interventions.


To ensure GHF gathered an accurate understanding of their patient safety culture, HCI utilised the best practice Staff Survey on Patient Safety Culture developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The process involved:

One day planning and customisation of survey.

Development of promotional pack for staff.

Distribution of promotional pack and survey link to staff.

Collation, review and analysis of survey findings.

Preparation of report.

Presentation of findings to GHF.


The survey was administered to staff in web format over a two-week period. The survey received a positive response rate and the results were collated by HCI and presented to the Quality and Safety Manager at GHF.

GHF utilised these findings to identify initiatives to support quality improvement and patient safety at Galway Hospice Foundation.

Examples of Initiatives

  • A series of information sessions were held with all staff throughout the organisation to engage in open discussion around patient safety and the identification of tangible actions to improve patient safety.
  • Improvements in the staffs’ ability to report incidents and receive feedback. Information sessions are now held with each department on what, why and how incidents are reported.


  • Comprehensive and independent review of patient safety culture, that sought opinions from all staff within GHF.
  • The roll out of the survey was seamless, resulting in a high response rate from staff.
  • HCI ensure responses are kept confidential.
  • A detailed report was provided with areas for improvement identified and recommended actions.
  • Management gained a clear understanding of where GHF stood in terms of embedding a culture of patient safety.
  • The survey resulted in tangible improvements for the patient safety culture.
  • Survey provides reassurance to staff that patient safety is a priority for Management.
  • Promotes an open and learning culture for patient safety.
  • Instigated improvements around incident reporting.
  • Created awareness across all departments of patient safety.

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