Independent Quality Management Information System Administration, Support and Maintenance for Dublin Dental University Hospital

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“HCI provide Dublin Dental University Hospital with a comprehensive service for the management, administration, and support of our Quality Management Information System. The level of knowledge and expertise demonstrated by HCI is excellent and has really helped us in maintaining and embedding the QMIS in DDUH. The support desk is very efficient and helpful. They offer a quick response time and resolve queries promptly. The monthly QMIS training programme has also been great to help staff engage with the system. Having HCI’s independent support has really assured us that our QMIS is administered and maintained in line with best practice.”

David Barry

CEO, Dublin Dental University Hospital


Dublin Dental University Hospital (DDUH), is a centre of excellence in the delivery of dental care to patients. They are a major dental teaching hospital, training postgraduate and undergraduate dental students, student dental nurses, dental technicians, and dental hygienists.

Having originally supported DDUH with the implementation of a best practice Quality Management Information System (QMIS), DDUH requested HCI to provide ongoing administration, support, and maintenance of the QMIS. They required an independent provider who would ensure the QMIS was maintained in line with best practice, utilised to its fullest potential, and ensure staff have consistent access to knowledgeable support.


  • Independent Oversight of the Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS).
  • Provide the QMIS software and licensing.
  • Provide full administration and management of the QMIS.
  • Frontline staff telephone and email support for the QMIS.
  • Provide live staff training on the QMIS via MS Teams.


In order to ensure the DDUH maintain a best practice QMIS, HCI provide the following solution:

Development of Project Plan.

QMIS Software and Licensing.

QMIS Virtual Hosting.

Point of Occurrence Reporting.

HCI PPG Library – simplified access to Policies and Procedures.

QualSIP – Real Time Quality and Safety Intelligence Portal.

QMIS system improvements, configuration and development.

Telephone and email support for staff.

QMIS Staff Training via MS Teams.

QMIS Staff Training and Support Videos.

QMIS Quarterly Reviews.

Sample QMIS Statistics

  • Over a 12-month period, documents within the QMIS were accessed 4,700+ times.
  • The HCI Knowledge Portal has been accessed 9,400+ times.
  • The HCI QMIS Support Desk has resolved 1,000+ support cases.


DDUH have a comprehensive QMIS that is maintained in line with best practice and embedded within the organisation.  HCI manage the uploading, approval submission, activation, and distribution of documents for DDUH. HCI maintain the list of starters/movers/leavers ensuring that new users are set up correctly. The support desk provides prompt telephone and email support for staff. HCI also manage the hosting and administration of the QMIS.

The support provided by HCI helps to reduce the pressure on internal resources and ensures that the system is maintained in line with best practice and staff have consistent access to knowledgeable support.


  • HCI has extensive knowledge and experience in the administration and maintenance of a best practice QMIS for healthcare organisations.
  • Provides centralised system governance as the QMIS is maintained in line with DDUH’s agreed processes. This reduces pressure on internal resources.
  • HCI’s Support Team ensure quality assurance of the documents in DDUH’s QMIS.
  • PPG Library gives staff easy access to policies and procedures.
  • Occurrence Reporting forms are dynamic and user-friendly, which supports the recording of incidents, risks, feedback, complaints, and data breaches.
  • QualSIP provides real time data for documents, incidents, risks, and complaints, supports the overall governance function at DDUH.
  • The Quarterly Review provides a forum to discuss any risk areas or opportunities for improvement.
  • The QMIS provides a framework to meet regulatory requirements.
  • The ongoing staff training programme and simple videos help to ensure staff engage with the system.
  • The QMIS Support provides reassurance to DDUH Management Team that they have a best practice QMIS, which is embedded within the organisation.


Janine Higgins

Director of Quality Information Systems (QIS)

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126


Carmel Marley

QIS Support Manager

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126


Kuntal Samadder

Quality Information Systems Specialist

Phone: +353 (0)93 36126


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