What are the key points to note from the HIQA Fire Safety Handbook?

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Is your residential home prepared for a HIQA inspection on Fire Safety? Not sure? Then read our blog below to find out more on the latest HIQA requirements for fire safety.


On the 26th January 2021, HIQA published the Fire Safety Handbook – A guide for providers and staff of designated centres.  The Fire Safety Handbook applies to designated centres currently regulated by the Chief Inspector of Social Services within the Regulation Directorate of HIQA.

HIQA published the guidance document to assist providers to develop, implement and sustain an effective fire safety programme, and to create a strong fire safety culture that drives quality improvement.

Regulatory Requirements

This handbook aims to support Registered Providers to meet their fire safety obligations under:

Common themes in the Fire Safety Handbook

Throughout the document, there are four intrinsically linked key themes that are central to developing a fire-safety culture in a designated centre.

These themes include:

  1. Governance and management.
  2. Risk management.
  3. Diverse care and support needs of residents.
  4. Staff knowledge.

Key Points to Note from the Fire Safety Handbook

The guidance will have a significant impact on the current structures within residential homes, with the requirement for fire safety to become a central focus throughout the service provision.

Below are some of key measures detailed within the Handbook that Registered Providers should be aware of:


The HIQA Fire Safety Handbook is a substantial document, placing the requirement for fire safety as a centre focus throughout the care provision. In light of the significant obligations detailed within the handbook, it is likely that Registered Provider will require the assistance of competent fire safety professional in order to ensure the residential home’s compliance.


HCI have recently updated all relevant policies and procedures on HCICareTools.com pertaining to the HIQA Fire Safety Handbook. New templates relevant to the handbook are:


HCI recently held a webinar to help Registered Providers understand the key elements of the Fire Safety handbook.

The aim of the webinar is to:

Click here to access webinar.


Health Information and Quality Authority (2021). Fire Safety Handbook – A guide for providers and staff of designated centres. Dublin: Health Information and Quality Authority.

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