Webinar: Guidance on Complaints Management for Nursing Homes

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This webinar, presented by Roisin Rouine is on “Guidance on the Complaints Management Process for Nursing Homes“.

Roisin outlines the importance of capturing complaints, the regulatory requirements and the process for effective management of complaints.

One of the key takeaways from Roisin’s presentation is to view complaints as a gift, as often they can highlight a problem that could otherwise have gone undetected.

To access a recording or podcast of the webinar see below.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Podcast

HCI Talks Regulation & Quality and Safety of Care · Webinar: Guidance on Complaints Management for Nursing Homes


Roisin Rouine, Senior Quality and Safety Specialist, HCI

As a Senior Quality and Safety Specialist, Roisin has vast experience in supporting the implementation of Quality and Safety Management Systems in residential care facilities to fulfill best practice and HIQA requirements.

Roisin’s experience includes implementing quality improvement initiatives, conducting GAP Analysis, Policy and Procedure Development, Internal Audit Management, Education and Training, Infection Prevention and Control, Risk Management, Incident and Complaints Management, Mock Surveys and Resident Tracers.

Roisin is a Registered Nurse and spent a number of months on the front line as an IPC lead in nursing homes during the first wave of COVID-19. She also recently assisted a Nursing Home in conducting their COVID-19 Assurance Framework Self Assessment.

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