Webinar: Good Governance for Assuring Quality of Care in Missionaries and Religious Orders

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The provision of any form of health and social care is challenging due to the level of complexity involved with the service provision, but with the average age of many congregations increasing, assuring the quality and safety of the care provided to older members of Missionaries and Religious Orders is a priority.

A comprehensive, robust governance and management framework is central to the provision of an effective service to ensure that service provides person centred care and strive to drive continuous improvement.

With this in mind, HCI is held this webinar to discuss what is required to implement a robust governance and management framework.

The webinar covers: 

Webinar: Good Governance for Assuring Quality of Care in Missionaries and Religious Orders

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Oonagh Gilvarry, CRO, HCI

As Chief Research Officer, Oonagh is responsible for the development of Quality and Safety Management Systems that effectively address organisational regulatory requirements while meeting business needs. Through her evaluation of emerging research, tools and technologies, Oonagh ensures that best-in-market techniques are utilised throughout HCI services.

Oonagh has been central to HCI’s work with regulatory bodies in the development of standards for key health and social care areas. Oonagh has substantial experience in the development and delivery of training programmes in the areas of Infection Prevention and Control, Risk Management, PIC Training for Nursing Homes, Internal Audit and Policy and Procedure Training. She also led out on the HCI Covid-19 Lookback Review Programme. 

Oonagh has lectured extensively within NUIG and is a qualified ISO Lead Auditor.

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