Webinar: Preparing for HIQA Monitoring and Inspection – A review of HIQA’s newly released International Protection Accommodation Services guidance documentation and how they are reflected in HIQA’s Monitoring Approach

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At the request of the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, HIQA now monitors, inspects and reports on permanent IPAS centres provided to people seeking international protection, against the 2019 National Standards for accommodation offered to people in the international protection process.

To support providers of IPAS services, HIQA released four key documents in January of this year, those being:

The understanding and application of these documents is critical for IPAS Providers so that they can best present their services to HIQA and illustrate how they comply with the national standards.

In this webinar HCI complete an overview of these documents and consider the Authority’s approach as they embark on the monitoring of the sector.

Webinar: Preparing for HIQA Monitoring and Inspection – A review of HIQA’s newly released IPAS guidance documentation

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Oonagh Gilvarry, CTO, HCI

As Chief Technical Officer, Oonagh is responsible for the development of Quality and Safety Management Systems that effectively address organisational regulatory requirements while meeting business needs. Through her evaluation of emerging research, tools and technologies, Oonagh ensures that best-in-market techniques are utilised throughout HCI services.

Oonagh has been central to HCI’s work with regulatory bodies in the development of standards for key health and social care areas. Oonagh oversees the development of policies and procedures, audit tools and frameworks in line with regulatory requirements and best practice. Oonagh is also responsible for the development of training and education programmes for healthcare leaders on the implementation of relevant Quality and Safety Management tools and techniques, specifically in relation to new methodologies or increasingly regulated areas.

Oonagh has lectured extensively within NUIG and is a qualified ISO Lead Auditor.

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