Utilising real time data in healthcare to improve delivery of services

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“Accurate, relevant and timely data is essential in order to deliver services and improve health and social care.” HIQA 2018

One of the most fundamental goals of healthcare is to improve the quality of life of people by enhancing their health. Leveraging real time analytics supports the healthcare provider in achieving this goal.

In the past many Quality Management Systems were paper based, time consuming and did not link up with each other. Information was not readily accessible in a centralised format, limiting the providers efforts to improve quality and efficiency. Fortunately, we now have Quality Management Information Systems (QMIS) such as Q-Pulse, that allow us to streamline processes and effectively manage key quality processes such as document control, audits, incidents, risks, complaints and Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs).

Now, HCI want to take things a step further and introduce a system that allows the healthcare provider to get a 360 view of their Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS). QualSIP, HCI’s Quality and Safety Intelligence Portal provides healthcare organisations with real time data analysis of all the key QSMS metrics. QualSIP reduces administrative duties around collating reports and gives healthcare professionals instant access to critical data and trends in real time that can help to identify and address gaps in care, quality assurance or risks, supporting them to make improvements in clinical and quality outcomes.

QualSIP is a crucial component of HCI’s Quality and Safety of Care Assurance Programme. The Quality and Safety of Care Assurance Programme is a comprehensive quality and safety management service whereby HCI take a proactive approach to managing your QSMS, interpreting data, providing you with advanced quality and safety intelligence and quality improvement recommendations.

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QualSIP – what is it and how does it work?

HCI’s clients use QualSIP to ensure appropriate and useful data is gathered, extracted and analysed for their organisation. This data is extracted directly from information systems such as Q-Pulse and other agreed data sources such as e-Forms or other SQL relational database systems.

QualSIP provides dynamic dashboards and analysis, via an online portal, displaying real time governance intelligence. This data provides healthcare organisations with insight into their quality and safety management system so that they can make informed decisions.

What type of data can be extracted from QualSIP?

Data displayed includes governance intelligence, clinical data, quality and safety activities, key risk areas, quality requirements and incident management. Examples of key customisable metrics include:

Q-Pulse metrics

Examples of other potential metrics which are available via software integrations:

What are the benefits of HCI’s QualSIP for healthcare organisations?


Healthcare organisations are fortunate to now have mechanisms that allow for large amounts of quality and safety data to be gathered, analysed and presented in a format that allows for easy interpretation, enables better decision making and frees up valuable time to spend with the patient.

HCI’s QualSIP is an innovative interface that meets the needs of healthcare providers.    It is a practical and user-friendly solution which supports the overall governance framework.

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