The Role of an Interim Q-Pulse Administration Service

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In order to get the most from Q-Pulse Quality Management System, it is important to ensure the software is well administered, kept up-to-date and that users have the necessary support to use the system correctly on a daily basis. To achieve this, an experienced Administrator is vital, but sometimes due to leave, reallocations, or unforeseen events, an Administrator may not be available.

In this blog we consider the benefits of utilising a support service such as HCI’s Interim Q-Pulse Administration Service. A service such as this ensures you have constant access to a knowledgeable, high level administration and technical support which is accessible 365 days of the year.

HCI’s Interim Q-Pulse Administration Service

As healthcare partners with Ideagen, supporting Q-Pulse users in healthcare for the last 15 years, HCI really know Q-Pulse inside and out. HCI also know that an effective Quality Management System is only as good as how well it is maintained and administered.

HCI currently provides Q-Pulse administrative support to over 20,000 staff working in healthcare in Ireland. From HCI’s offices in Galway and Dublin, we provide Q-Pulse users with a comprehensive Q-Pulse service including:

6 Reasons to Utilise HCI’s Q-Pulse Administration Service

1)  Immediate Staff Support

Having constant access to a knowledgeable support team ensures that your staff get immediate support with their Q-Pulse issue or query. This means that staff are not waiting unnecessary periods of time for assistance with simple tasks such as a password reset or uploading of a document.

2)  Technical Administration

Ensuring Q-Pulse is kept up to date with the latest versions and best practice requirements, can often be a technical and tedious task. Having a dedicated administration service alleviates this pressure and ensures that the system is always maintained to a high standard.

3)  Expert Recommendations

Partnering with HCI as your Q-Pulse Administration Service provider ensures you get access to practical, in depth knowledge of Q-Pulse. HCI have a wealth of experience to drawn upon and can offer you advice and recommendations as to areas for improvement and enhancement of processes.

4)  Staff Education

Having access to regular Q-Pulse training as well as training videos and manuals ensures that the system is used consistently and is not affected by staff turnover.

5)  Improve Cost-Efficiencies

Using HCI’s Q-Pulse Administration Service alleviates the cost and time of hiring and training administrator(s). You are also not relying on a dedicated staff member to always be available to manage queries and maintenance of the system.

6)  Unforeseen Events

Unforeseen events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, highlight the importance of not over relying on one person to fulfil a job role. Unforeseen events can result in the reallocation of healthcare workers or absenteeism due to leave, potentially leaving your QMIS without an administrator. By using HCI’s Q-Pulse Administration Service, you won’t have to worry as are guaranteed to have constant access to knowledgeable Q-Pulse Support, 365 days a year.


In order to get the maximum benefit of your Q-Pulse quality management system it is crucial for it to be maintained and administered properly.

HCI is a provider of professional services in relation to patient safety, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance. As such we know the environment healthcare organisations work in and the challenges faced. We understand your requirements and have the necessary expertise to support you.

Our goal is to make Q-Pulse work for your healthcare organisation in order to reduce any potential burden.

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