Summary of HIQA Restrictive Practice Thematic Inspection Findings for Older Person’s Services

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HIQA’s Restrictive Practice Thematic Inspections programme for designated centres for older people commenced in June 2023. It aims to drive quality improvement in the area of restrictive practice and focuses on assessing physical and environmental restraint, as well as other forms of restrictive practices being implemented within a nursing home.  

HCI recently reviewed 12 Restrictive Practice Thematic Inspection Reports from July and August. Three of these were deemed substantially compliant (25% substantially compliant).

Summary of Findings

Other areas of review by HIQA:


The HIQA guidance documents for restrictive practice assist registered providers and staff of designated centres for older people on quality improvement in the area of restrictive practice. Services should utilise the guidance to promote a care environment that is free from restrictive practice and assess the use of restrictive practices in their centres with a view to reducing or eliminating their use. The thematic inspection programme on restrictive practice has highlighted that there are still improvements to be made in the area of restrictive practice.

At HCI, we help providers of health and social care make intelligence drive decisions to attain, manage and improve quality, safety and regulatory compliance. HCI has significant experience in conducting Quality of Care Audits in nursing homes. We can conduct a Restrictive Practices audit at your nursing home to assess your compliance with the guidance and identify any potential areas for improvement. This will allow you to put in place the necessary Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs), improve resident safety and be prepared for a HIQA Thematic Inspection of Restrictive Practices.

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