Summary of HIQA Inspection Findings in Nursing Homes identifies Non-Compliance Issues in areas such as Governance and Management, Fire Precautions and Complaints

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HCI completed a review of thirty-six (36) randomly selected Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Inspection Reports for residential care settings for older people. This review highlights the trends in non-compliance as detailed by HIQA in the inspection reports. All nursing home inspections were completed by HIQA between November 2023 and January 2024.

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Summary of HIQA Inspection Findings In Nursing Homes from November 2023 to January 2024

Summary of HIQA Inspection Findings in Nursing Homes completed from November 2023 to January 2024

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Summary of Findings

In HCI’s review, the high-risk areas with non-compliance included Governance and Management, Complaints, Fire Precautions, Infection Control, Residents Rights, Staffing and Protection.

Some of the key findings under the related regulations include:

Regulation 23 Governance and Management:

Regulation 34 Complaints:

Regulation 21 Records:

Regulation 15 Staffing:

Regulation 28 Fire Precautions:

Regulation 9 Residents Rights:

Regulation 27 Infection Control:

Regulation 8 Protection:

Regulation 6 Health Care:

Regulation 7 Managing Behaviour that is Challenging:


This review details the continuing trends in HIQA findings in relation to residential care settings for older people in meeting the relevant requirements. The trends show that high risk findings are still evident in the areas of Governance and Management with many residential centres requiring improvements in key areas such as Fire Precautions, Complaints, Records, Resident Rights, Infection Control, Premises, Protection, and Staffing.

HCI’s expertise in quality improvement, resident safety and regulatory compliance uniquely positions us to assist your nursing home in overcoming the issues identified in the recent HIQA inspections. By integrating HCI’s comprehensive services, including governance reviews, quality of care audits, and best practice policies and procedures, you can enhance your nursing home’s operational effectiveness and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, National Standards and best practice.

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