Policies and Procedures: A Force for Good

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Policies and procedures are core to the provision of a safe and high-quality healthcare service. Having well-documented policies and procedures in place allows your staff to know what to do in certain situations. They ensure compliance with standards and regulations, create systematic processes, provide guidance to staff and assist with decision making.

Policies and procedures are often seen purely as paperwork, and incorrectly so. If we use them as a way of looking at what we are doing, seeing how we can improve it, and agreeing how we are now going to do it, they can be highly beneficial. Central to creating effective policies and procedures is getting staff involved. Through discussion, staff can participate in determining what works and how it can be improved. By documenting processes in the form of policies and procedures staff must consider and agree different aspects of each process.

In this blog we outline some of the key benefits of policies and procedures for nursing homes.

Benefits of Policies and Procedures

How can HCI help?

Keeping up to date with current standards and guidance can be time consuming. This is where HCI can help. HCI has a dedicated Best Practice Team that continuously research all National Standards, regulations and best practice guidance relating to health and social care.

Our team has specific expertise in developing Policies and Procedures for a range of health and social care providers. With our support, you can ensure that your organisation is developing and implementing policies and procedures that will not only fulfil regulatory requirements, but support you in implementing best practice within your service.

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