HCI’s Thought Leadership Seminar on ‘Innovation, Disruption and Analytics – The Changing Face of Quality and Patient Safety’

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HCI recently brought together over 40 key individuals who are actively involved in the direct provision of the quality and patient safety functions in Ireland for a thought leadership seminar on ‘Innovation, Disruption, and Analytics – The Changing face of Quality and Patient Safety. Over the course of the two days, attendees had the opportunity to hear, discuss, and debate with, national and international speakers in the areas of healthcare innovation, quality improvement disruption and analytics.

Speakers & Topics

Our first speaker Alex Kafetz, who is the Managing Director and Director of Insight and Strategy at ZPB Associates presented on the topic ‘Don’t hate the data, hate the game’. Alex discussed how data has been used over the last 15-20 years to spot potential problems or failures of patient safety in hospitals. Alex spoke about his time at Dr Foster where he was involved in editing six editions of the Hospital Guide. Alex also gave insight into his experiences of analysing data to do with many of the UK’s National Inquires such as the Shipman Inquiry and the Ian Patterson Inquiry. Alex’s presentation also examined the tools measuring what matters to the patient.

Prof. Darren Brennan, Vice-Chair and Associate Professor in Radiology in UMass-Memorial Health Care, spoke about ‘Transitions of care – Lessons from Radiology’. Prof. Brennan discussed what they do in the radiology department through the framework of a life-cycle of an imaging study, the technologies that are impacting on their daily workflows and the incidental findings and their management in UNMC as a template for transitions of care.

Olive Doyle, Partner at Byrne Wallace, presented on ‘Duties of a Service Provider to Persons in Care’. Olive’s presentation focused on regulatory compliance, safety of service users/patients, dealing with complaints, capability and consent to treatment, protection and decision making by service providers.

Prof. Pat O’Mahony, Chairman of HIQA and CEO of Clinical Research Development Ireland spoke about ‘Quality Systems Matter’. His presentation covered leadership, quality systems, standards, national standards and regulation.

Triona Fortune, Managing Director of Fortune Quality Accreditation Services presented ‘To Err is human, lessons learned for the next decade’. During her presentation Triona looked back over the last 20 years to see what kind of patient safety solutions were put into practice, the lessons that were learned and how we are going to do things differently going forward. Triona also gave insight into her experiences of implementing accreditation solutions globally.

Dr Hector Upegui, Associate Chief Health Officer at IBM Watson Health, presented on ‘Integrated Care as the third care path’. Integrated Care is understood as a person centric service delivery model where health, social care and/or social security are provided in an integrated and coordinated way to support the individual.  Hector spoke on how artificial intelligence and emerging technologies help to improve the delivery of Integrated Care.

Our Keynote Speaker, Christopher Cornue, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Navicent Health presented on ‘Leveraging Disruption and Innovation to Drive Healthcare Change’. Christopher drew on his first-hand experiences of creating the right environment for innovation and delivering major change in a large healthcare group.  During his presentation, Christopher discussed what he believes disruption is, the impact of disruption on your organisation and how to address change through innovation.

Our final speaker was Prof Maureen Baker, Chair of Professional Record Standards Body who told her personal journey of Safety in NHS IT.

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