Best Practice Policies and Procedures for Mental Health Services

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Policies and Procedures are central to supporting the delivery of safe, high quality mental health services. Well document policies and procedures provide standardised processes that will support staff in knowing what to do in certain situations. They are an important tool to support regulatory compliance and assist in decision making.

To support Mental Health Services in Ireland, HCI have developed a suite of 21 core non-clinical regulatory policies and procedures relating to the Mental Health Act, 2001 and other applicable Regulations.

These policies and procedures address the primary Quality and Safety Management requirements and will support you in implementing best practice in your service.

Policy and Procedure listing includes:

Regulatory Compliance Framework

Our policies and procedures have been developed using best practice and regulatory requirements, including:

If your Mental Health Services is looking for a suite of non-clinical regulatory policies and procedures to support your staff in implementing best practice and meeting regulatory compliance, then contact HCI today.

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