Lessons learned for Change Management when implementing a Quality Management Information System

Healthcare professionals in a team meeting undertaking process mapping.

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Health and social care organisations are increasingly embracing digital health transformation to improve their quality management practices and reduce the burden of demonstrating regulatory compliance. Implementing a Quality Management Information System (QMIS), enables the healthcare provider to streamline processes, enhance service user safety, and drive overall performance. However, successful implementation requires effective change management strategies to ensure smooth adoption and utilisation by the stakeholders involved.

HCI has been implementing QMIS in health and social care organisations for almost two decades. During this time, we have seen good change management and bad change management in practice. In this blog, we will discuss the key lessons learned for change management when implementing a QMIS.

What is Change Management?

Change in the workplace can occur in different ways, introducing new ways of working, such as new processes to follow, or a new computer system to use. Change management is about understanding that most people find change, challenging, confusing and sometimes unsettling.

Good change management practices help people adjust to new ways of doing things, in a way that helps them to feel included, empowered, and ready to embrace the new way of doing things. It involves proper planning, communication, resources, user involvement, and an effective change management process.

Lessons Learned for Good Change Management

Below are some change management focus areas to consider when implementing a new technology, such as a QMIS.


Implementing a Quality Management Information System can significantly transform healthcare organisations, driving improvements in quality, safety, and efficiency. However, successful implementation relies on effective change management. As you are transforming people’s day to day working practices, it is important not to underestimate the impact of change on the people affected by it.

By developing a strong plan, actively engaging stakeholders, ensuring appropriate resources, providing comprehensive training and support and monitoring the implementation, organisations can navigate the challenges and ensure a smooth QMIS implementation.

At HCI we help providers of health and social care make intelligence driven decisions to attain, manage and improve quality, safety and regulatory compliance. Our digital health transformation specialists have been implementing Quality Management Information Systems in health and social care organisations for almost two decades. Not only that, but we also provide ongoing maintenance, administration and support of our clients’ systems to ensure that they are maintained in line with best practice, and that users have continuous access to knowledgeable support.

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