Good Governance for Assuring Quality of Care in Missionaries and Religious Orders

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With an increasing average age of many congregations, caring for older members of Missionaries and Religious Orders is an increasing priority. Today this care is provided in many ways, from members themselves, directly employed staff, to external support companies.

The provision of any health and social care poses many challenges, but care to the elderly is particularly complex due to the wide variety of risks. Consequently, there is a requirement for an effective Governance Model to support the implementation of a safe, quality service.

In this blog, we discuss some of the risks to caring for the elderly and provide guidance on what a Good Governance model looks like.  

Complex Care for the Elderly

As complex care is required when caring for the elderly, there are a significant number of risks related to the provision of the care, such as:

There are also significant organisational risks to be cognisant off, these include:

Based on these risks, and others, it is mandatory to have an effective Governance model to support the implementation of a safe, quality service.

What does a Good Governance model look like?

The Governance model provides a framework and structure for the organisation to ensure the quality and safety of the care provided. Elements of a Good Governance model include, but are not limited to:

It is crucial for Missionaries and Religious Orders to reflect on their service and understand if the Governance Framework in place is sufficiently robust to ensure the quality and safety of the service provided to older members. It is also important that this Governance framework will identify the high-risk areas within the service and respond appropriately to these risks. However, undertaking an objective review this can be a challenge, this is where HCI can help.

Quality of Care (QualCareTM) Assurance For Missionaries and Religious Orders

Quality of Care (QualCareTM) Assurance for Missionaries and Religious Orders is a programme to independently evaluate the care and service provided for older members in residential care and assisted living. As most of the care provided to older members of Missionaries and Religious orders is currently unregulated by HIQA, there is a need to provide assurance that the members are receiving the care they deserve.

As part of QualCareTM, HCI will undertake a thorough review of the care provided, in line with best practice. This comprehensive care review will provide a clear understanding of where your organisation stands in terms of providing safe, quality care, for older members in residential care and assisted living. The programme shall commence with a comprehensive base line review of all services / residencies. This shall then be supplemented by focused visits on an annual basis.

The key areas of focus include:

Following a comprehensive review of care, in line with best practice, HCI will provide each organisation with an Assurance of Care Report, identifying the current structure, process and outcome controls in place, and a risk rated roadmap to improve to the necessary levels of best practice. Where necessary HCI shall provide support to makes the necessary changes.


The provision of any form of health and social care is challenging due to the level of complexity involved with the service provision, but with the average age of many congregations increasing, assuring the quality and safety of the care provided to older members of Missionaries and Religious Orders is a priority. A comprehensive, robust governance framework is central to the provision of an effective service to ensure that service provides person centred care and strive to drive continuous improvement.

HCI has been working with health and social care organisations for almost two decades, supporting them make intelligence driven decisions to attain, manage and improve quality, safety and regulatory compliance. We are expertly placed to support Missionaries and Religious Orders in objectively and independently reviewing their service against best practice requirements. Our support programme QualCareTM, will provide ongoing independent reassurance of the care provided and ensure that the correct structures and processes are implemented so that your elderly members receive safe, effective care.

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