Development of a Quality and Safety Management System and achieving JCI Accreditation for Medical Optics

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“HCI provided us with essential guidance and support in preparation for our JCI Accreditation Survey. HCI helped us to interpret the standards and develop a detailed work plan to assist us in developing and implementing new practices within Medical Optics. The mock survey conducted by HCI was a great tool to identify and address any gaps in our Quality and Safety Management System. We are now delighted to have achieved JCI Accreditation and we will continue to work with HCI as our Quality and Patient Safety partners to build on the work we have done so far.”

Max Treacy

CEO of Medical Optics


Medical Optics is a practice of ophthalmologists, medical doctors who specialise in eyes. They operate from two locations in Dublin and Wicklow, and are primarily a medical eye practice where most eye diseases are diagnosed and treated. In 2017, Medical Optics commissioned HCI to carry out a Gap Analysis of the Quality and Safety Management System against the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards for Ambulatory Care.

Following this, Medical Optics recognised the need to implement a more robust Quality and Safety Management System in order to fulfil the requirements of the JCI Accreditation Standards. Consequently, they partnered with HCI to provide ongoing Quality and Safety Support in preparation for their JCI Accreditation Survey.

In 2019, Medical Optics successfully received accreditation in line with the JCI Accreditation Standards for Ambulatory Care.


  • Identify areas of excellence and any gaps in compliance of the Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS) against the JCI Accreditation Standards.
  • Develop a structured and detailed work plan to support and guide Medical Optics to JCI Accreditation achievement.
  • Ensure a safe environment that reduces risk for care recipients and caregivers in keeping with Medical Optics’s mission.
  • Achieve improved quality and safety outcomes including patient satisfaction, as it strives to achieve the standards required for JCI accreditation.



To support Medical Optics in achieving its objectives, HCI provided the following services:

Gap Analysis and development of Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Detailed project and work plan to implement QIPs.

Document reviews and templates.

Process development.

Defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Staff education and training.

Quality and safety support to staff.

JCI support and guidance to staff.

Onsite quality and safety tracers.

Mock JCI survey.

Support with document preparation for JCI survey.


  • Medical Optics is a well established, successful eye care business, however some of the processes within it were not formally or clearly defined.
  • Translating the JCI requirements into the quality and safety processes within the clinic.
  • Medical Optics needed to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to review and assess quality and patient safety.


Medical Optics successfully received JCI accreditation in line with the JCI Accreditation Standards for Ambulatory Care in 2019. JCI Accreditation serves as the gold standard in accreditation. It demonstrates to the public and insurers that they are operating at the highest level of quality and patient safety. HCI continue to partner with Medical Optics to provide them with ongoing Quality and Safety Support.


  • Medical Optics is delivering higher quality, effective and safer care.
  • Development of clearly defined KPIs supports the effective monitoring of services and enhances governance.
  • Processes are clearly defined, giving clarity to staff.
  • Development of a culture of safety.
  • Demonstrate to all stakeholders a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Expert Regulatory, JCI Accreditation and Quality and Safety knowledge is continuously being transferred from HCI’s Quality and Safety Specialists to Medical Optics staff.
  • JCI accreditation serves as a recognition of Medical Optics assurance to provide the highest standard of care and patient experience.
  • JCI Accreditation allows Medical Optics to benchmark themselves internationally against other JCI accredited organisations.


Roisin Rouine

Senior Quality and Safety Specialist

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