Audit Training utilising the Tracer Methodology for Irish Wheelchair Association

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“HCI provided us with a one-day audit training course utilising the tracer methodology. The trainer was very knowledgeable and engaging. The course was very thorough and included workshops which gave staff the opportunity to apply the learnings and engage with the trainer. Overall, the training provided staff with the practical tools and techniques they need to effectively manage the internal auditing process for Irish Wheelchair Association. The course was very worthwhile, and I would highly recommend it to others”.

Denise Moran

Quality Assurance Manager, IWA.


Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading organisations for people with physical disabilities. They offer a variety of services including assisted living services, resource and outreach services, homecare services, rehabilitation training and wheelchair solutions. Committed to providing a service of the highest level, IWA recognised the value of undertaking Audit Training utilising the Tracer Methodology, to support staff in carrying out their duties in relation to internal auditing in order to improve the quality of services and enable better outcomes for service users.


  • To provide staff with an understanding of internal audit.
  • To demonstrate the process of conducting an audit utilising the tracer methodology.
  • To identify considerations and samples of evidence to be collected as part of an audit utilising the tracer methodology.
  • To get an understanding on how to analyse and form a view on findings gathered during the audit.
  • To understand how to generate the final report on the audit findings.


HCI worked with IWA to tailor a one-day training programme for staff on Auditing utilising the Tracer Methodology. The training was based on standards, best practice and regulatory requirements.

Identify desired aims, objectives and learning outcomes for training.

Training programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Preparation of training materials.

Training programmes are based on standards, best practice and regulatory requirements.

One day audit training utilising the tracer methodology.

Training programmes can be delivered onsite to your staff.


HCI carried out one-day Audit Training utilising the Tracer Methodology to IWA staff. These staff now have the skills and techniques required to effectively conduct internal audits utilising the tracer methodology in IWA.


  • Reduce the fear of internal auditing as staff understand how to conduct internal audits utilising the tracer methodology.
  • Staff understand their roles and responsibilities as an auditor and an auditee.
  • Staff can identify and understand the type of evidence to be collected as part of an audit.
  • Staff can recognise identifiable reportable events to external bodies.
  • Staff can compose a detailed report of the findings from the audit.
  • Staff are educated on regulatory requirements and best practice techniques in terms of auditing.
  • Staff are empowered to be involved in the development and improvement of the service.
  • Audits help to identify if processes are being followed and potential areas for improvement.


  • 100% of attendees would recommend the course.
  • 100% of attendees strongly agreed that the presenter had a thorough knowledge of the topic.
  • 83% of attendees gave an overall rating of excellent.


Serena Horkan

Senior Quality and Safety Specialist

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