How HCI TrainScan can improve your Staff Training Management Process

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In health and social care, regulatory compliance plays a pivotal role in ensuring patient safety, maintaining quality standards, and adhering to industry regulations. Staff training is a critical component of regulatory compliance, as it equips healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide safe, high-quality care that is in line with best practice and regulatory requirements.

Demonstrating staff attendance at mandatory staff training is essential. In HIQA’s recently published overview of report of monitoring and regulation of healthcare services between 2021 and 2023, they noted that the oversight and attendance at education and training was an area in need of improvement in all hospitals.

To streamline and effectively manage staff training, healthcare organisations can greatly benefit from implementing a compliance training tracking software solution to support the management of staff training records and training events.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefit of such a system, and how HCI TrainScanTM can transform a healthcare organisation’s management of staff training records to ensure competencies are met and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

What is TrainScanTM?

If you are a training manager, a line manager or a HR manager and are responsible for delivery training in a healthcare organisation, particularly one with many staff, across a large number of departments or sites, then you are likely to face challenges in managing and accessing this data, identifying who has done what training and where the gaps are. TrainScanTM is your solution to this problem.

TrainScanTM is a staff training recording and reporting system that links with the Quality Management Information System (QMIS). It supports healthcare organisations to reduce the administrative burden of managing training records and events.

TrainScanTM is an intuitive, user-friendly system that allows for easy recording of staff attendance at training events through scanning of their staff I.D. badge. It links with the QMIS and automatically updates staff members’ training records in real time. TrainScanTM also offers a training analysis interface designed to allow trainers, HR managers and line managers to quickly analyse all training activities undertaken by staff within their organisation/department. Managers can easily identify what training is scheduled, completed or remains outstanding.

The My Training Portal interface allows staff to easily book themselves into a training event or record a training event which they have completed. Staff can also view what training they must complete for a competency relevant to their role.

Below are five ways in which TrainScanTM can improve, and even transform your staff training management process:

1.0 Improves planning and development of a Training Strategy

Healthcare regulations, national standards and best practice guidance, require certain training to be mandatory to ensure staff are competent to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Compliance with these mandatory training requirements, demands consistent, standardised, and regular training across the entire organisation.

An electronic solution such as TrainScanTM allows managers to create, schedule, record and track training attendance. TrainScanTM helps to improve planning of training, as trainers and line manager can identify gaps in training requirements, and they can see what dates are busy for training and what dates are free for scheduling. It also ensures that line managers and staff are aware when renewable training is upcoming.

This is a very useful to have in a large organisation, with many different departments and training requirements. Analysing the training data allows trainers and line managers to develop appropriate training strategies and ensure that staff across the organisation have access to the same, standardised training

2.0 Reduces reliance on paper-based systems

Traditionally, when a training event took place, paper-based sign in sheets were used to record staff attendance. This data was then filed away or inputted into a QMIS, resulting in duplication of workloads.

Now, you can utilise TrainScanTM to record staff attendance at training events by scanning their Staff I.D. badge. The staff member’s electronic training record is automatically updated. This means that trainers no longer need to use sign in sheets to manage training attendance. This alleviates issues such as a delay in updating the information to the QMIS or simply the loss of a sign in sheet.

3.0 Real Time Training Data

Following the completion of a training course, each individual’s training record is updated to verify they have completed the required training. This means that there is no delay in accessing training data, it is now reliable and in real time. Trainers and line managers have 24-hour access to this real time data and can prepare reports to identify their departments training compliance and determine if there are gaps in training that needs to be addressed.

4.0 Demonstrate for Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrating regulatory compliance with mandatory training requirements demands maintaining accurate records of staff training. This can be difficult if training records are stored in different locations, whether electronically or locally in a department.

TrainScanTM provides a reliable platform to record training data, ensuring easy access and retrieval of essential information. Managers have immediate access to real time training compliance data and can run instant reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance during a regulatory audit or inspection.

5.0 Self Service Functionality for Staff

The My Training Portal in TrainScanTM provides a self-service aspect which allows staff to instantly access details on what training events are upcoming, allowing them to book a place on the training course or record a recently completed training event.

This helps to reduce the administrative time of the trainer and line manager. Staff can also view their competences and identify training that they need to complete in order to achieve a competency.


Maintaining education and training regulatory compliance is a top priority for healthcare organisations, as it directly impacts patient safety and quality of care. HCI TrainScanTM provides an intuitive and effective centralised system to manage all your training requirements. The system provides staff and managers with quick and easy access to real time training information, reduces administration workloads, promotes a paperless environment and provides demonstratable evidence of compliance with mandatory training.

At HCI we help providers of health and social care make intelligence driven decisions to attain, manage and improve quality, safety and regulatory compliance. We understand the healthcare provider’s requirements when it comes education and training, and we have the necessary expertise to support you with the implementation a solution that streamlines and improves your management of training events.

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